Predictions on Coronavirus

Predictions on Coronavirus

The world is presently bearing the heat of Coronavirus and many countries are reeling under its torture. Its cases were initially reported in the Chinese province Wuhan and later it spread like a wildfire to other provinces, and even other countries. Right now, almost entire Europe, USA, Iran and other countries are facing many deaths due to COVID – 19.

But much before than the rise of Coronavirus, Vedic Astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra predicted that Western Countries will see a rise of epidemic in November 2019. This prediction, which was posted through a tweet on 25th June 2019, is produced below. Though China tried its best to conceal the spread of Coronavirus in its provinces, many reliable news reports claim that this virus was actually developed in November 2019, the period mentioned in the screenshot below.

There were some aspersions that this virus was widespread in China but not in the western countries but with the passage of time, we can now see that this virus has now been controlled in China and is now causing widespread damage to Western countries.

On 13 March 2020, Mishra again tweeted another prediction that the world would be safe from COVID – 2019 by the end of April 2020. A screenshot of this tweet is pasted below.

He also tweeted that this virus will face the first decline in number of cases from April 2. This screenshot can be seen below wherein Anirudh Kumar Mishra, a practising Vedic Astrologer, predicted when this virus would witness its peak and when would its effects would begin to slow down.

To much of India’s relief, Mishra also predicted that the effect of Coronavirus on India will be less than it would be in rest of the world. and its growth will be put under check by the second week of April 2020.

Thus, no doubt that Anirudh Kumar Mishra’s prediction of Western countries seeing rise of an epidemic has turned true, what should relieve us that we have seen the peak of the virus and very shortly, its effect will be on a decline very soon. Stay safe from COVID – 19, and cooperate with the government in putting its growth under check.