Fall in Petrol and Diesel Prices in October 2018

Fall in Petrol and Diesel Prices in October 2018

Petrol and Diesel prices in India saw a steep increase after mid-August 2018 and they saw daily hike for many days in a row. A simple look at this article in Economic Times will show that how fuel prices in cities across India saw a daily hike starting from mid-August and went up by almost ₹3.5 in case of Petrol and ₹4 in case of Diesel by September 10, 2018. Fuel prices saw an unstopped increase and by the end of September 2018, and petrol prices in Delhi jumped to ₹83.49 from ₹77.14. The diesel prices increased to ₹74.79 from ₹68.72 recorded on 15th August.

Petrol and Diesel prices in India have fallen since October 2018

When people were tensed and the anger was mounting on the government due to increasing prices of Diesel and Petrol, Vedic Astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra made a prediction through a tweet which brought a relief for many people. He predicted on 25.09.2018 that within 7 to 19 days, diesel and petrol prices will return to their pre-hike prices. Although there is slight inadvertent error in this tweet but a little common sense would tell that prediction of reduction in fuel prices is made out in it.

Since the reduction in prices takes place on daily basis, this tweet implied that the prices would start to fall within the period said by him and they would return to the level where daily hike had begun, which turns out to be the price of about mid-August 2018.

On October 4, Central government announced a reduction of ₹2.50 in prices of Diesel as well as Petrol and further requested to make the same deduction, pursuant to which, many state governments also reduced the prices by ₹2.50 leading to an overall reduction of ₹5.00 in many states. This reduction was made on the 9th day of Mishra’s prediction. Mishra quoted his above tweet and informed about the reduction to his followers.

Pursuant to this reduction, the government started daily reductions in Petrol and Diesel Prices and their level matched with the level of mid-August. As prices continued to fall, Anirudh Kumar Mishra again tweeted that prices had fallen as per his prediction.

Thus, this tweet came true and the fuel prices have continued to fall since then. Folllwoing are two images to reflect how prices have continuously returned to where they were.

Thus, with the  this prediction came true.

Prediction about the winner of IPL 2018 Winner

Prediction about the winner of IPL 2018 Winner

Although it is a late post, but the prediction related to the winner of Indian Premier League 2018 was made by Anirudh Kumar Mishra 6 days before the final of Vivo IPL 2018.

Before this, Mishra had successfully predicted about the journey of Royal Challengers Bangalore team in the 11th edition of IPL, and it can be read at this link.

On 21st May 2018, the Vedic Astrologer made a prediction that Sunrisers Hyderabad will not win the IPL.

SRH is NOT going to win this years IPL!

Kindly don’t bet on my predictions and only enjoy astrology . pic.twitter.com/8QvVs6ed1f

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) May 21, 2018

This prediction seemed pretty normal on the day it was made, and on the next day itself, Chennai Superkings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 2 wickets in the first qualifier and reached Final of IPL 2018. However, Sunrisers Hyderabad bounced back in the Eliminator match played on May 25 and ousted Kolkata Knight Riders by 14 runs and reached the Final to once again confront the MSD lead CSK. The prediction thus came to life again and stood a test on May 27.

In the final of IPL 2018 played between SRH and CSK at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, SRH were beaten by 8 wickets and thus they could not win the IPL despite reaching the Final. This prediction, thus, came true like the previous prediction related to the fate of RCB in IPL 2018.

Journey of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Vivo IPL 2018

Journey of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Vivo IPL 2018

The 11th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is scheduled to commence on 4 April 2018, and its mega auction lasting for 2 days took place in January this year. Anirudh Kumar Mishra gave a prediction about the fate of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the upcoming edition of IPL. But before going to the prediction, let us have a look at how does the squad of RCB look after the auction.

Now, one can bank huge expectations from this star studded team but astrology has something unpleasant in store for this team. Mishra predicted that RCB will not be able to reach the semi-final stage of the 11th edition of IPL in 2018.

As per my calculations in IPl 11, R.C.B wont even be able to reach the semi finals. #IPL2018 pic.twitter.com/y18YGmGCcB

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) February 12, 2018

Let us see how far this prediction goes because the team will bring this prediction to test through its performance in IPL 2018. Hope we have a great tournament ahead.

Who will do Nagin Dance in the Final of Nidhas Trophy 2018?

Who will do Nagin Dance in the Final of Nidhas Trophy 2018?

Nidhas T20 triangular series involving Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh is being played in Colombo. Today is the final of this series being played between India and B’Desh as this blog post is written. The Bangladesh team has made their style of celebration famous because they do it in famous ‘Nagin style’.

For this trophy, vedic astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra made a prediction that India would do the Nagin dance today (as prediction was made on the date of match itself). The prediction by Mishra was made at 3:28 PM (Indian Standard Time) while the match was scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM (IST).

Today the Indian players will do the Nagin dance #NidahasTrophy2018 pic.twitter.com/EjUioCJs6j

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) March 18, 2018

Now with this tweet, he implied that India would win the final match as well as the trophy because this dance is done in celebration. We will come back after the match to see if this prediction managed to go in ‘Predictions which became Truth‘ section of this blog.


India needed 5 runs off the last ball. Dinesh Karthik hit six off it to score the winning runs. Read score card here.

One day after the match, Mishra quoted his prediction and said that he was right.

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) March 19, 2018

And yes, this prediction became truth!

Fate of BJP in Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018

Fate of BJP in Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018

Polling for Meghalaya Asse,bly was done on February 27, 2018. The results of these elections were announced on 3 March 2018.

Before coming to results and further interpretation, let’s have a look at what the vedic astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra predicted on 12th February 2018 on his Twitter handle.
BJP is going to win the elections in #Meghalaya. pic.twitter.com/Qb08mrS6uX

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) February 12, 2018

However, the results proved otherwise and BJP could manage to win only 2 seats out of 59 seats. The screenshot of the results is produced below from Wikipedia.

Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018 results

Now if we consider the prediction, the results seem to contradict it because Congress emerged as the single largest party in these elections while BJP could manage to win only a couple of seats. But what transpired subsequently puts substantial life in the prediction.

After emerging as the single largest party in Meghalaya, Congress sent in its two heavyweight leaders to negotiate for alliance so that it could form a government in Meghalaya but they failed in their efforts and BJP roped an alliance with National People’s Party (NPP), and NPP President Conrad Sangama submitted a letter of support from 34 MLAs to the Governor. Read the news here.

So even after after emerging as the single largest party in the state, Congress failed to form government and BJP despite getting only 2 seats stitched an alliance and became a part of the government under Conrad Sangama who took swore in as Chief Minister on 6th March. Thus the prediction came true in the sense that BJP did end up being a part in the government.

Rally of BSE Sensex to 36,000

Rally of BSE Sensex to 36,000

On 19th February 2018, BSE Sensex dropped below the mark of 34,000 and closed at 33,774. On the same day, Anirudh Kumar Mishra predicted the future of BSE Sensex for the month of March. In a tweet, he said that the stock market will rise from the second week of March and by the end of the month, it will regain the 36,000 mark and will continue to grow further.

Starting from the second week of March till the end of March Sensex will regain 36000 and grow further. #StockMarket pic.twitter.com/gKYTw3joNG

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) February 19, 2018

On 7 March 2018, he quoted the above tweet and confirmed his prediction that the rally he predicted earlier would begin from 12th (the second Monday of March).

This should begin from the second Monday of March. https://t.co/pYOq285fWu

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) March 7, 2018

For reference, below is the present status of the BSE Sensex.

BSE Sensex at 33,307 on March 9, 2018

20 days are left for us to see how this prediction goes, and if successful like many others, this post would also find its place in our ‘Predictions which became Truth’ section.

EDIT made on 12.03.2018:

Anirudh Mishra predicted above that the BSE Sensex would start rising from the second Monday of March. His prediction came true and the Sensex recorded its biggest intra-day gain in a year’s time. Times of India reported this through a tweet. Sensex closed at 33,918 after gaining 611 points in a single day.

#BREAKING | Sensex records biggest intra-day gain in more than a year’s time; closes at 33,918 gaining 611 points, Nifty up 197 points at 10,424

— Times of India (@timesofindia) March 12, 2018

The astrologer quoted the above tweet of ToI and said that his goal was to prove and revive the knowledge of astrology which was put to brink of extinction by communists, liberals and rationalists in the new age.

Thanks🙏, in this new age the liberals, communist and rationalists made fun of this knowledge for 70 years and the youth blindly agreed. They have put this knowledge on the brink of extinction but my goal is to prove and revive it. https://t.co/EltND0GIZk

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) March 12, 2018

Since this prediction deals with the progress of BSE Sensex in March 2018, we will keep coming here at apt times to write the progress of BSE Stock Exchange.

EDIT (16.03.2018):

At about 4.40 PM on 16.03.2018, Anirudh Kumar Mishra posted another prediction saying that Sensex was going through a temporary fall because two planets were pretty close to orbits of each other. He further said that the BSE Sensex would rally to 36,000 in a period between March End to 10th of April 2018.

Right now two planets are pretty close to each others orbit because of this Sensex is going through a temporary fall. But by March’s end and 10th April the market will hit 36000. https://t.co/pYOq285fWu

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) March 16, 2018

EDIT (04.04.2018):

Today, Mishra quoted the tweet in the previous edit and claimed that he had made a mistake and said that the sensex will achieve the 36,000 mark in next 20-25 days or latest by the end of April 2018.

I predicted about April, yes I was wrong on that but the stars show that the market will achieve 36000 in the next 20-25 days or the end of April. https://t.co/Hm41e9G5c9

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) April 4, 2018

We will keep bringing you latest updates in this regard.