Fate of Communist Regime in China

Fate of Communist Regime in China

This prediction by Anirudh Kumar Mishra defines the period which would mark an end to the Communist rule in China, and thus becomes one of his most important prediction whose results would be awaited by many people across the world.

Recently Xi Jinping, the President of China is planning to repeal the limit on terms of presidency and plans to hold a perpetual presidency. One such report of Xi’s decision can be read here. In the light of this decision, which is only planned as of now, but will get approved in the National People’s Congress which would be held in Beijing in this week. So, any prediction about the end of Communist rule will obviously grab the attention of many people, specially when Xi has virtually marked end to elections.

On 9 January 2018, Anirudh Mishra posted a prediction on his Twitter account that the Communist regime will China will end in 2041-42 after a big civil war.

During 2041-42 after a big civil war the communist regime in China will end. pic.twitter.com/lbQsHL3Bnk

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) January 9, 2018

Although we are still more than 2 decades away from the period predicted in the tweet, but it too shall pass and we all should wait for the result of this prophecy which would definitely have a big impact on the whole world.