Monthly Moon Sign Rashifal

November 2020


People with Aries moonsign have a reason to be happy in November – Jupiter is in your favour for first three weeks, and it will increase your income. There will be progress in your business and if you are into job, work place will be a happier environment and your contribution to your organization will see recognition. Your importance and status among the relatives will go up. However, you are advised to avoid journeys on Sunday as they remain fruitless and cause you excessive tiredness. November promises that partner will make attempts to stabilize deteriorating relationship but some problems will come from your end. In the middle of the month, many of your works will be completed with the help of relatives and neighbours. Marital life will improve by a great extent towards the end of the month. Chances of going on a long tour with partner will be materialized. Family will wholeheartedly support you amidst difficult times. If you are looking to turn affair into marriage, then this month will do the job for you. This month will also bring long lasting friends to those who are looking for them. Keep yourself away from places of altercation, there are decent chances that you can be hurt if a quarrel breaks out. Take care of the quality of water that you use as stars show possibility of suffering from water borne diseases. Your children will suffer due to quality of food. Keep calmness in behaviour because you will need it in abundance in this month. Financial condition will be better this month but sudden expenses will increase your problems. You will complete the tasks that are undertaken in the beginning of the month. Nicely formulated policies will play a great role in completion of tasks, and you will be given their due credit for them. There will be certain circumstances where you might feel plans not working for you, but after some additional thrust, they will also start working. High confidence will lead to increase in income. One thing you should avoid is taking unnecessary risks. Business in partnerships will see success coming their way. Seniors will not be supportive at workplace in the last week. Keep your concentration at aims.


The month of November will stretch the stress which you have been already facing since September. You should try to remain calm and composed while taking decisions. You should try to maintain peace at home and should stay away from any sort of quarrel or dispute. You should keep behaviour cautious at work place, with boss and with father. The position of Saturn shows that your luck will indeed favour you but it will be slow in doing so. Stay away from any dispute with life partner given the stress which you will be undergoing in this month. But you will have good income during this period and if you pay sound attention, you might stay tension free on the health front too. Business will also see expansion. Avoid doing or undertaking too much courageous tasks. Due to powerful speech, you will be able to convince many people. You will also implement some investment plans, and if you do some extra efforts, you can very well get back money that you had lent in past. This month seems decent on financial front. You will be able to overpower your opponents and make gains from sale-purchase of property. At workplace, you will lead your team very efficiently. Keep check of opponents but even in adverse conditions, you will manage to find success. Do not leave anything to be completed by colleagues. You will think of switching job towards the end of the month. In the middle of the month, problems in love affairs will fade away and happiness will prevail. The feeling of distrust will vanish. November is very much favourable for love and friendships but do not hurry in making decisions. Try to maintain whatever relationships you’ve made. Once in a blue moon, you will feel pessimistic about them, but it will only be a temporary feeling. Let it go. However, do not let new friends interfere in your family issues. It will cause problems. Friends will not cooperate in such issues anyway. Marital life will be just normal. You will meet some close relatives in this month. There can be discontent among family members over matters related to income and property. This month is decent for health perspective too. There will not be any major issue. But take care of your children’s health which will be cause of concern for you in this month. Use of vehicles or traveling on roads should be done with utmost caution.


Keep away from professional litigation. You will get happiness in the end of the month for achieving a new height in your career. Avoid changing job. Simple compromises will stop unexpected reduction in income. Keep marching ahead believing that you are self-sufficient. The income will be much lesser in comparison to the hard work you put in. Increasing expenses related to profession will disturb your monthly budget. Control your time table so that you are able to take out time for crucial works in November. Enemies will try to tarnish your image at workplace and business, but your friends and colleagues will give all the support they can provide. Try to avoid professional journeys as much as possible. Affairs starting in this month will last long but think twice before starting new friendships. Relations with many friends and elder siblings will turn sour. Decent chances of conversion of existing affairs into marriage are seen. Cooperation of children will be received from second week but towards the end of the month, you will be cautious in believing your children. In the last week, you will be praised for patience in family matters. Some natives of Cancer Moon Sign can also plan to meet some foreign friends. Health of father will be affected in the middle of the month. Even you should take care of problems associated to eyes although health otherwise looks very much normal this month. Harshness in speech should be avoided. Rahu will not let your mind have peace in November. Prime concern this month will be your health where you should take care without any negligence. Also try to maintain connectivity with people because Rahu will try to sour relations by keeping you in seclusion. Your income may remain low. The probability of sudden gain is also hindered. Family will support you amidst all the turmoils and will keep you giving reasons of finding happiness in the sea of stress.


In this Sign too, the natives need to take utmost care of their children’s health. Your children’s health will remain troubled for almost whole month barring the third week, that too may not remain the exception. The Sign change of Jupiter will bring you income from sources beyond your thinking, and this month will precisely kick start it. A new partnership will begin and the existing partnership business will fetch gains. Associates will render you immense help at workplace. Good chances are seen of investing money in share market towards the end of the month. When it will be needed, seniors will also come to your rescue. Rather than standing against disciplinary behaviour of seniors, it will be better to work as per their advice. If you use your creativity in professional life, then you will manage to increase your control on managerial issues, and reduce many unnecessary expenses. You will be in double-mind in second and third weeks when it will come to decision making but that too will fade as fourth week ticks in. This month will have fixed effects in family life. Maintaining positivity in marital issues will bring the much desired calmness. Do not reduce faith and trust, they will be useful in reducing differences over petty issues. New functions will be organized in family. Jupiter indicates that in the mid-month, new relationships will be forged but they will not last long. Although you were going through a rough patch, November will give you very good period. But some natives may have to wait longer as time will get better only after the first half of November. Your business will prosper leading to generation of more profit. Condition in family issues, health and professional front will see massive improvement in this month. Keeping calm is the only advice. Don’t act as a mediator for anyone as you may be cheated by the persons you trust. You will find more confidence in taking tough projects but leave them completely on your juniors – monitor their progress.


You will not able to use your intellect in the beginning of the month. Delay in deciding financial plans will lead to further delay in gains. In the issues pertaining to livelihood, credit of your success will be attributed to your courage and efforts. To obtain desired results of your efforts, you may have to undergo struggle. You will try to make good use of your contacts in this month. Politeness in tone will help in achieving some goals. There will be difference of opinions with people at workplace, remove it at the earliest otherwise chances can be so formed that you may have to even look for alternate job. It will be difficult to get help from seniors and colleagues in last week of the month. Maintaining courage in areas involving extraordinary risks can also give you benefit. This month will be better than previous months in terms of family life. Less stubborn behaviour of life partner will make things better in nuptial life too. But heated arguments can take place with parents in the mid of November. To add to it, health of mother will give you tension in second and third week. Family tensions will increase your stress, so you are advised to not vent out anger on family members. You will gain a lot of popularity among the opposite gender. You will try to improve condition of love affair. You will try to get into new affair and friendships, and they will even prove to be beneficial for you in future, but expenses on affair will surely raise your eyebrows. Learn to wait. November comes with this very crucial morale as happiness would join you in the latter half. You are occupied physically and mentally right now. You want to improve relationships but planets are keeping you on the other side of success in this task but with efforts, these relations too will start to improve. As relations begin to improve, family and love life will obviously get better as the month progresses. Take support of relatives as they might be surprisingly backing up on critical issues.


Mid-month is not a favoured period to convert affair into marriage. It is rather advised to wait some time. Lack of maturity can lead to premature termination of these affairs that can hurt you for a long period in future. There will be substantial ups and downs in nuptial life. You will contemplate purchasing a new vehicle. Friends will help in family related issues. Children can be stubborn, so they will give problems in this month. Your profession will bring you confidence of from many senior people. You can make a good progress in career but for that, you will need to amend your behaviour and concentrate only on your work. Your responsibilities and work load will increase. Your colleagues and seniors will recognize your efforts due to which you will get confidence of putting in even better efforts. Partnerships will benefit but do not start a new venture by taking risk in the end of the month. You may have to visit many places, even abroad, to take benefit in finances. Because of availability of loan, you will not face monetary problems in the execution of your plans. Luck factor will be subdued but efforts will fructify many works. Diseases related to eyes can creep up, specially in the beginning of the month. Your health will recover by the mid, but that of other family members will take time in recovery. You will be gripped in pessimism but indulging yourself in creative works will/can take you out of this problem. Your expenses will skyrocket this month, so you are highly advised to keep an eye on where you spend your money, and think twice before spending uselessly in November. Do not add any unnecessary expense to your budget in this month. The planets might give you mental stress over some old issues which will keep you tensed but with efforts, you will come out of this tricky situation. Business will also remain slow in the first half of this month. Take care of health of the people who live with you under the same roof.


A good Jupiter will ensure that your luck will start favouring you and you will get relief this month. Your reputation and status will witness an exponential improvement due to a favourable Jupiter. You will gain from business after initial setbacks. You will find yourself to be more inclined towards your life partner and you will get more affection from friends and family. November will a good month for you. Your children and juniors might give you wishes/greetings all of a sudden which will uplift your enthusiasm. In the beginning of the month, be cautious about the gains. The result of hard work will be delayed. You might suffer losses due to enemy, so this is another front which warrants caution. Seniors will overlook you mistakes and will give you lesser troubles. Inability to make decisions at the right time will cause delay in professional work. Your experience, wisdom and intelligence will be very handy and by the end of November, you will start getting results according to the amount of efforts that you have put in. Beginning of the month will not be good for your family. Members of family will be tensed due to your hectic schedule at workplace and will worry about your health. Children will be happy for the entire month but in the end of the month, there of injury to them. Do not take stress in nuptial life too seriously otherwise it will affect your health too. Water borne diseases will affect you. You should take care of father’s health. Your health will considerably improve towards the end of the month. Good chances of new friends and new relationships are seen in this month. Mid part of the month brings chances to go on tour and have conversation with partner and understand them in a better manner. But there can be some sourness in the end of the month. New friendship can evolve into love. Seniors will render every possible support but avoid taking risks in this month. You will be skeptical of gains in second and third week. You will need to maintain softness in speech to get support from seniors. High chances of transfer are seen in the end of the month. Do not leave signed papers unattended. Keep professional policies secret.


Don’t expect extraordinary happenings in November. Profit will come but it will be just average. Even if you made a lot of efforts in work, extraordinary profit or profit expected according to the dedication will be a distant reality in November. But yes, you will indeed get the happiness of Diwali. You will get excess of ego which you should ¬†naturally avoid. Take care of your parents, child, life partner, job, finance and health and you would be happy in all these aspects. Find happiness in trivial things and you happiness would increase. On family front, an unpleasant news will give you mental instability. There will be lack of confidence in the beginning of the month and expenditures will increase. Use your wisdom to maintain peace in family. The success of children will bring immense peace to you. Taking professional advice from younger siblings will prove to be quite beneficial, and it should bring more to your finances in this month. Areas of income will be affected in mid of the Month due to lack of confidence but towards the end of the month, things will get far better, and you will be full of self-confidence. You can give a thought to switching jobs in this month. Making efforts will help in completion of work but generally, the struggle will be more than your expectation. Your capability in doing administrative tasks will get better. You will play a pivotal role in completing the targets allotted to your team. Your seniors will also recognize your efforts. In the end of the month, you can even discuss out of turn promotion. Don’t undertake risky tasks, your colleagues can bring false accusations upon you. You will not be able to find out much time for love affairs in November. Some misunderstandings will also develop. You will feel that an unwanted ego has developed in the friends who matter to you. You will have to face anger of family in the middle part of the month. Skin related diseases will trouble you, and mental stress will increase. Health of younger siblings will also be in trouble. Mid month is not favourable and you might also suffer injury due to vehicle.


Because of Saturn, your luck in the month of November will be so strong that you can literally end up materializing whatever you think of. November is a month where you should forget all past failures and start working on your schemes afresh. Your relations with every relative will see a big turn around in November. Keep calm at work place and silently get your works done. You might gain good from Share Market. Relatives who were a reason of concern will now behave within their limits as their conspiracies will start to fall flat on ground. Avoiding theft, arguments and cheating at workplace in the beginning of the month will reduce losses for you. You will also think to to switch jobs as the month starts. Energy in attempts will be needed in this month and tasks undertaken vigorously will also see success. You will take initiatives to resolve many problems at workplace. In the second and third weeks, you will able to trounce enemies and opponents due to your courage. Avoid misusing your contacts to get some tasks done in unethical manner. This month is full of financial ups and downs. Success of efforts taken to improve financial condition will bear much lesser rate than your expectation. Your confidence will see a fall as such. As the month approaches its end, anomalies in policies will keep coming which will give you ample opportunities to improve them. Apart from resolving problems of workplace, this month will pass in you resolving family issues. Advice of mother will lead to increase in gain. It is possible that many family members will not agree with your ideas. You will not be able to convey your thoughts in right manner, and any effort in this direction will only prove to be futile. If you are looking for kid, the mid of the month will bring you good news. Maintain distance from opposite gender. Rather than making new relationships, try to mend the already existing ones as this will be highly beneficial. You will get to spend good time with friends. Throat and stomach infections have high probability of troubling you. So, avoid drinks that are too much cold.


Sophistication of professional techniques will help in increment of gains. You will not hesitate in implementing new suggestions and techniques in profession. This period is good for you. Avoid places of unnecessary arguments at workplace. There will be professional obstruction in mid-November. You will keep expenditures under check in this month. Administrative skills will be seen at their best in the end of month only. You will use this period in a better manner for managerial work. Beginning of new partnerships is seen. You need to work with enthusiasm on plans. You will devote a whole lot of time on love affairs in this month. Although you will not be able to devote much time to friends, chances of a tour with friends is seen in mid-November. You will fulfill your desires and hobbies. Do not leave any important work for friends in the last week of the month. Nuptial problems will continue to exist. You will come forward positively to fulfill family responsibilities but the terms with mother will remain strained in this month. You will buy a new property for family. The condition of children will continue to exist as before. Your heart will be very anxious in this month and you will keep looking for peace. So it is advised that you treat this anxiety by the way of meditation. Some unwanted expenses will also be seen, hence it is also advised to refrain from unnecessary expenses which may cause you loss. Some diseases may also creep up, so you have to also take care of them so that they don’t continue in further months. But in all these tensions, you will find your children and life partner worrying about you. Your life at job/business will be busy but you will reap profit there.


Tensions that children started to give last month will start lessening from the second half of this month. There will be difference of opinion with family in November. You will feel that your family is not able to understand you properly. However, marital life will have a bliss and closeness with spouse will develop. Elder siblings will extend their cooperation. But lack of support from father will increase your tension in this month. You will have reduced immunity in this month due to which you will easily fall prey to diseases, even if small. Any sort of carelessness in health can prove to be costly. Avoid hectic schedule in the end of the month and give preference to taking rest. Arguments at financial front will damage some plans and cause loss. You will be entangled in administrative tasks to tackle your opponents. Rate of increase in savings will be very low. You can face theft, cheating or disappointment from colleagues in the first half of the month. Professional journeys will be postponed. Deficiencies in financial policies will further increase monetary loss. Daily expenses will increase by the end of the month. Benefit from long journeys is seen. Many plans will see a sudden fall. However, through your perfections, you will be able to please seniors at workplace. You will be appreciated by them. They will not only recognize your hard work but your chances of promotion will also flourish. Hidden enemies will give problems in love affairs. In the middle of the month, old friends will be left out and new friends will be made but they can very well hurt you. Jupiter will increase your luck factor in the month of November. Your profit will increase and your expenses will lessen. Thus, despite Diwali, you may end up with some savings at the end of the month. You will gain due to your relatives and colleagues. Long journeys are seen which you should definitely undergo because they promise profit. Health looks good and will not hinder your travel and work. Take care of your children and subordinates and support them wherever they need assistance – they will give better results than your expectations from them. November will see rapid progression in a project that is pending since a long time now.


November seems to be a highly problematic month for love affairs that will go to the verge of termination, and any immaturity in them will lead to their end. In the second half, probability of developing a fast friendship with someone of opposite gender, related to workplace, is seen but good chance of cheating in such a relationship are seen. Condition will get better in affairs towards the closure of the month. Relations with friends will not be that good but love affairs will definitely help at workplace in some aspect. Nuptial life will get affected in the later half of the month. You will take steps to improve the condition. For this, you will also try to give more time to your life partner. Elders in family will intervene to normalize the relations between you two. Maintaining trust among yourself will greatly improve conditions by the end of the month. Professional plans will take the form of saving due to your hard work and courage. Your policies and expertise will help your overpower your competitors. Professional obstructions will be less due to better relations with superior officers. Financial gains will be mediocre. Colleagues at work place will not be supportive. Income from foreign, if it’s happening already, will be increased in November. Pessimism can creep in due to slow speed of progress in many professional projects. Your rights will be expanded in the middle of the month but avoid unnecessary arguments at workplace. Circumstances of gain are starting to come into existence. So, as the month progresses, you will see increase of profit in your profession. Some relatives may upset you with their behaviour but the good thing about November is that your children will see progress and you will hear good news from them. Professional front will keep you surprised with good news. Life Partner will give help in relieving your tensions by complaining lesser than the usual.