Monthly Moon Sign Rashifal

June 2021


In the first fortnight, children and spouse will give you a lot of happiness in this month due to the Retrograde Saturn but situation may somewhat flip in the third week of this month when you can find turbulences in relations with your spouse which would improve only in the last week, that too with your own efforts. But your efforts in improving your finances will definitely succeed towards the end of the month which would keep you disappointed in the second and third week of June. There are very bright chances of some stuck money returning which will boost your financial prospects in this month. You can face loss of money is long journeys or on medical expenses of a close relative. Retrograde Mercury will give concentration to your children in studies or job, and its Direct motion will give them the results they have been yearning for. You will also spend your time doing useless things which will make you feel guilty. Due to lack of resources, you will keep struggling at professional front and will keep working to make conditions somewhat favourable to you and your juniors will give crucial help in this regard. Retrograde Jupiter will give you confusion in properly selecting new candidates, and it will also trouble your seniors in properly analyzing your performance. But any written document prepared for analysis of your performance will not go against you. Cough related issues will trouble you but it is advised that you do not take medicines on your own. Consult a good doctor or rely on home remedies.


The retrograde nature of Mercury will make June a month with mixed results in financial aspects for the natives of Taurus Moon Sign. While planetary positions will make you toil for in the first half of the month, but then money inflow will somewhat begin to give you a relief. You are strongly advised to keep your expenses under check as much of your inflow go into paying some of the previous debts. So the month of June is positive in as much as the repayment of old debt is concerned. Your health will be a cause of concern in the second fortnight when Mercury changes its motion during just at its half part. However, you will pay enough attention to your health in this month and in the beginning, you will find yourself suddenly out many many problems which persisted since some weeks now. At professional front, you will have to make strenuous efforts in the beginning an at times, you might feel yourself parallel to results but as the month progresses, the Retrograde Saturn will start blessing you with results. Your relations with family will be good and you will get many issues sorted out through your initiatives. Keep unwanted issues out of your relationship with spouse as they will cause upheavals. A special care needs to be given to children and spouse on the last 10 days of this month..


Retrograde Saturn added to effect of Mars will ensure that in the month of June, you will get success in any competition you had taken part in. Towards the mid of the month, both the retrograde planets will distract your attention from things you should actually do, and you may even indulge in useless expenditure in parties and entertainment by sidelining some crucial tasks. However, planetary combinations towards the end of the month will ensure your return to the correct track. Hence, it is advised that you keep your attention in tact and priorities fixed in the second and third week of June. Your subordinates will help you in finishing some projects which are now pending for a long time. Some opportunities from communication field may knock your door but catch them only when you are certain of their future. After middle of the month, you may have to visit doctor for issues related to nose, neck, eyes or throat. Otherwise, from the health perspective, June does not promise to give many other problems if you are not already suffering from them. Indifference of spouse in relationship may trouble you but as the month passes, your spouse will start taking interest in the relation gradually. However, some people you have started to trust may reveal their backbiting to you at places beyond your expectations. Financially, you may to make a lot of efforts even for small gains. Journeys related to profession will be tiresome and will bear fruits only upon planned efforts. Make sure that you do not suffer from too much damage of electric items.


Retrograde Saturn will cause your financial condition to fluctuate throughout the month. While in the beginning, your efforts to strengthen finances will fructify, they will start giving lesser result after mid of this month and you may have to spend your accumulated money to clear some old debt or monthly bills. Towards the last week, finances will again pick up speed and your efforts will start fetching better results resulting in a rise in accumulated finance. Health wise, this is going to a month from high to slightly low at its end. You will get rid of some breath and blood related issues persisting for a long time as this month begins, and your health will not demand much of your attention till the last week when it will start giving problem on small issues like allergy. Relations will also not trouble you this month and your communication with your family, children and spouse will be one of the reasons of reduced tension. Spouse will make sure that the issues which give you tension are not discussed at home. You will try to sneak a chance for a leisure trip but will fail in securing it. Professionally, you will continue to look for better position by making new initiatives in office but you will required consolidated and planned efforts in order to realize your dreams. Your efforts will start reaping fruits slightly late, but they will definitely yield results. You need to remain cautious in signing any document this month – do not sign anything without entirely perusing the content. Your hidden enemies may try to take an advantage.


The natives having Leo Moon Sign will have ups and downs in their health as mercury goes to retrograde for first three weeks of this month and turns direct only in the last week. They will get restless this month and suffer from issues arising out of tiredness. Behaviour of your spouse will give additional mental stress to you. Do not let friends intervene in the matters secret to both of you – that is, both of you have to be cautious to not disclose your secrets to outsiders. Pay special attention to your heart. Towards the mid of the month, you may feel difficulty in getting back your stuck money, and additionally, some subordinates can be the cause of trouble in your professional life. Efforts will be demanded throughout the month. Journeys due to profession may cause you unnecessary expenditure in this month. Your interest in using sophisticated methodologies will result in reduced time in completion of projects, but you will be always entangled in professional commitments throughout the month. Increased problems in families will also affect your love life. You will feel lack of love in the behaviour of spouse, and this will quickly bring in differences. But some senior members will come to the rescue and will help normalizing the relations. While making journeys, do not forget your luggage. Do not left rough notes carelessly. It will greatly help you if you are able to maintain secrecy in office policies. Malfunctioning of the electronic item at the crucial stage will land you in a problem. Saturn and Ketu will obstruct preparations you have been undertaking to ensure an official trip abroad.


Venus and Ketu this month will make sure that your friends will not give assistance in the hour of need. You will, in fact, spend a major part in this month to improve your relations with friends and associates. Anger may also cause trouble in your love life, so it is advised that your refrain from falling in such situations. However, since you will emphasize on improving your relations, your family will take it very positively and will give you the much needed effort. Towards the end of the month, your love life will start to improve but make sure some people close to you may still want to interrupt it on one pretext or another. Issues related to stomach will keep troubling you and this month does not look very promising on the health perspective. Tensions of children will also deprive you of sleep. Partnership is suited but this month, you enemies/opponents will be more active. They will try to obstruct your income, and despite making a lot of efforts, results will remain out of your reach. However, towards last 5-6 days of this month, when Mercury gets its Direct motion back, you may get your long due promotion. Invest only after making all necessary inquiries. You will either plan to buy a commercial property or visit abroad to expand your business and grab new opportunities. Since opponents will be more active this month, as already told, you are advised to not disclose your best plans to any unknown or less trusted person, you obviously can guess the reason.


Retrograde Saturn will be your saviour this month. You will not only get complete co-operation of family and some works pending for a long time will see a sudden completion. But try your best to control expenses in family. Though with some delay, luck will favour you in family related issued. Due to extremely hectic schedule, relations with spouse may remain strained after third week but as you start devoting time to spouse with Mercury getting its Direct motion back, you will get enough time to spend with life partner. It is a good month to propose your friend if you want him/her to become your partner. Planetary combinations are good, so your proposal will, very likely, succeed. Friends will not prove to be of help when you need their assistance. New relations can come into existence from professional life in the last week which will give you peace. Old professional relationships will also help you strengthen your finances. But on financial front, this month will bring you enormous struggle. You can suffer from unexpectedly heavy loss or the money you’ve lent may get stuck, and it will strike your hard. Courage throughout the month is much needed for completion of tasks at workplace. Even if you don’t see results coming your way, do not stop making efforts. Increased expenses will give you mental stress but health this month otherwise will be fine. Try Yoga to keep yourself free of mental stress which will be in abundance this month.


This month will see unexpected fluctuations coming your way. Try to complete your tasks and project with complete dedication. You will face obstacles in promotion and your seniors will try to underestimate your work. Choose your words wisely. They will cause you trouble. Do not think to change job in the beginning of the month. Money in speculation will lead to your monetary loss. Retrograde Saturn this month will confuse you in taking correct decisions timely, and as such, delay in taking results may cause one or two crucial opportunities slip from your hand. So be vigil in sensing opportunities around you. As the month approaches its end, you will also try to finish works halfheartedly. Chances of spending lesser time with family are taking formation. You can get a good news in the middle of the month. Rude behaviour of spouse will keep giving you tension in this month. However, you will go to journeys with spouse which will lead to a substantial reduction of tension between you two. Sour relations with father will also increase your tension but your initiatives meant to improve the relations will yield better results than expectations. Luck will favour in the last two weeks due to which you will be able to accomplish some really hard works. Evade contaminated food, problems related to blood pressure will trouble you this month. Health of mother will also remain a cause of concern. Too much workload will make you feel sick.


Retrograde Saturn has made circumstances of switch in professional life. Your subordinates in office/business will leave you and join somewhere else. Since this time (that is, the month of June) indicates change, you too can change job if you are looking for one. You might take time to prove your worth before your seniors. By the middle of the month, you will gain their confidence. Chances of increase in status as well as finance are nicely reflected. The house of courage will help you in maintaining finance. You can get your stuck money in this month. Too many short journeys will keep you busy and too much efforts can cause you to doubt the results but don’t let the intensity of efforts lessen. Lack of happiness in your heart can cause troubled situation with friends, but this condition will improve by the middle of June. If you are trying to move into a new relationship, time is good till the end of this month. Month is not ideal for health related issues. Water borne diseases can be seen to give you problem. Avoid heights in journeys, you can get hurt. Keep a check over mother’s health. Co-operation from spouse in the time of troubled health will prove to be a boon . However, you will find time for outings towards the last 10 days which will fill you with a new zeal. Your children will excel in studies and competitions and this will give you a chance to look for their future perspectives.


Lack of luck in this month will see your working hard reaping no results. Rather than paying attention to useless topics, you will need to concentrate on things which really matter. You will get increased responsibilities this month, which, in turn, will increase your work load. With your intellect, you will have chances to make substantial gains at workplace, specially if you are placed abroad. Commercial gains will be delayed but small professional journeys will be fruitful. High chances of repayment of old debts are seen in stars. Impact of Retrograde Mercury can behave contradictory to your usual behaviour, as such, others will find you to be stubborn and irritating, and will only give weight to your own ideas outrightly rejecting those of others. Friends and relatives will not find this a pleasant behaviour. You will pay a lot of attention to your love life, and is strongly advised that you don’t work on consultation of friends in this sphere. It will save you from confusion. You can plan some renovation in your house or place of work. Transit of planets also shows that pain in legs may deprive you of sleep and such lack of sleep will be evident on your faces in the form of tiredness and frustration.


The natives of Aquarius Moonsign will witness improvement in your finances this month. Decisions taken after a lot of contemplation will stop you from doing unnecessary expenses, which will further increase your monetary balance this month. You will make fresh endeavors for making more money, and business through partnership will be one of such efforts. In this month, efforts made in past will also add to your fruits. Even though there may be initial obstacles in partnership, you will get desired success once it gets going. Decisions hurriedly made can cost you failures in projects. Other people in office may try to take credit of all your hard work. This month is quite decent for your family life, but due to your planetary positions, differences with parents may creep up, and you are advised patch them up quickly. Problems from children can keep you tenses but you need to motivate them to do what they have been trying to achieve. You will try to take rest after making a lot of travels in second-third weeks of this month. Keep satire away from behaviour else it may cause fresh problems in relations giving you more mental stress. Take care of food else it may end up giving too many stomach related issues. Love affairs may abruptly end this month due to retrograde Saturn which can hurt you. You will take more interest in female circle around you, and you may also get good popularity there. If relations with spouse get strained in the beginning of this month, then do not worry, they’d get normal by the end of the month. You may enjoy short journeys with spouse which will give new colours and memories to your relationship.


Saturn, in retrograde motion, will cause problem in health of children. The relations with some relatives may see straining which will give you mental stress. Hands and backbone related issues may crop up. Problem in health of children towards the end of the month will keep you tensed. Due to extremely busy schedule, you may find very less time to devote to your love life. Your opponents will also make efforts to reduce your happiness. Additionally, friends will not be faithful either. So, condition of love affairs may not remain good. You can also move into new relationships towards the end of the month. This month is ideal for change of place or job due to multiplicity characteristic of Mercury. Beware of your opponents, their increased administrative skills and courage may be a cause of trouble for you. Use your mind and keep patience to tackle them with ease. Drop your anxiety and take decisions with a calm mind. Your juniors will stop giving you troubles. Due to more opportunities of inflow of cash from abroad, your accumulated cash will see a good growth. You will use your courage and wisdom to further strengthen your financial condition. Creative ways will fetch you money even in adverse time. Do not engage in arguments, which can disturb your professional relations and stop potential cash inflow. Good chances are seen of increase in parental property, and you may think to buy a new property for family in this month. There will be some disputes with elder brothers, and even your children may deprive you of respect. Conditions will improve after mid of third week though.