Monthly Moon Sign Rashifal

July 2020 (Under update)


Your own intellectual skills will help you resolve many professional concerns. Do not lend your saved/earned money in this and next month. Circumstances of gain are starting to come into existence. So, as the month progresses, you will see increase of profit in your profession if you do not leave the habit of working hard, struggling and putting in best efforts. You will keep getting thoughts of switching jobs in this period of year. Decisions taken in this time will be full of delay and dilemma. Some relatives may upset you with their behaviour but the good thing about July is that your children will see progress and you will hear good news from them. Professional front will keep you surprised with good news. Life Partner will give help in relieving your tensions by complaining lesser than the usual. There will be some irregularities in nuptial life, but they do not seem to be the cause of concern. Health will remain fine, but do not work too hard in order to gain maximum profit – it can give unwanted troubles of fatigue. Health of parents needs to be given attention to. You will go to a short journey with your spouse, and you will fulfill you responsibilities related to family. In the end of the month, a new friendship, which will last long, will come into existence.


Don’t expect extraordinary happenings in July. Although there will be expansion on the professional front but professional expenses will considerable increase. Profit will come but it will be just average. Even if you made a lot of efforts in work, extraordinary profit or profit expected according to the dedication will be a distant reality in this month, but increased efforts will definitely bring more profit to you. So, do not shy away from working hard in this month. You will get excess of ego which you should  naturally avoid. Take care of your parents, child, life partner, job, finance and health and you would be happy in all these aspects. Find happiness in trivial things and you happiness would increase. Don’t lend money to anyone in the second week of the month – it might return late and without any profit. The tension prevalent with spouse will increase more in extent. So, in this condition, it will be better for you to not put ego first – consider your family first. In the end of the month, you will make initiatives to improve the relations. This month is good for love affairs, but keeping away anger from them is strongly advised. In the middle of the month, you will fall ill due to fever etc., and you will have to pay attention to the health of your spouse too.


Learn to wait. July comes with this very crucial morale as happiness would join you in the latter half. You will have to increase the intensity of efforts in professional projects. Juniors will not give you adequate help. Contrary to this, seniors will help you and you will be able to complete even the stuck projects with their help. Your will get loan for professional tasks. You are occupied physically and mentally right now. Due to lack of confidence in the middle of the month, you will find it hard to perform duties conferred upon you. You want to improve relationships but planets are keeping you on the other side of success in this task but with efforts, these relations too will start to improve. Avoid sourness in relations, and do not put blind trust on friends. As relations begin to improve, family and love life will obviously get better as the month progresses. Take support of relatives as they might be surprisingly backing up on critical issues. Avoid extramarital affairs after middle of the month even if you are forced into them. There will be instability in health – also use words wisely. Doing so can save from a lot of useless arguments. Invest in share market wisely and don’t invest money merely on the basis of hearsay.


The transit of Jupiter will not let your mind have peace for almost one month, which turns out to be July. You will have to pay attention to your daily to-do jobs. Load as well as responsibilities will increase. In the middle part, you will try to overcome difficulties in accumulation of money. You will succeed in keeping opponents at bay. You will succeed in changing job. There will be obstacles in promotion and it may be halted. You should try again after sometime. You will start ventures with foreign organizations. Prime concern this month will be your health where you should take care without any negligence. Also try to maintain connectivity with people because Rahu will try to sour relations by keeping you in seclusion. Family will support you amidst all the turmoils and will keep you giving reasons of finding happiness in the sea of stress. But peace will break due to your behaviour. First two weeks will also see differences in nuptial life due to inequalities between you and your spouse. Love affairs will lead to increase in expenditures. The health of child will remain to trouble and expenses on it will damage budget. This will also bring in pessimism, but do not worry. This combination is only for a short period of time.


Starting a business in partnership will prove to be beneficial. Enemies will be very active and influential. Due to this, there will be sudden obstructions in many aspects related to income. You will make plans to buy or sell property. To increase your income, try to complete all the work of pending projects in time. Your confidence will be very high. Make its good use, it will also give you good gain. You will find it hard to get any support from friends. In fact, you will spend a considerable time in middle of the month to improve relations with friends. Also try to evade situations of anger in your marital life. You will be to abide by your responsibilities in a very good manner and will maintain closeness with your family. Your attention will be very much towards your affairs in the first half of this month but after that, you will find it very hard to give time to them. You will expect complete cooperation from your life partner in this month. Taking advice from your partner/spouse for professional concerns will prove to be beneficial. In the end of the month, it will be very apt to initiate talks to convert your relationship into marriage. Although your father can give obstacles in such talks. Take balanced food in this month because you will suffer from diseases related to stomach, specially intestinal.


The hard work put up by you in past will save your from many professional hardships in this month. It is not a good time to invest money in share market. In this period, females will be the cause of loss in business being run under partnership. There will be difficult in taking back money which you lent in past but maintaining patience will turn the circumstances in your favour in some time. Increased tension in family affairs will affect your relations. Increase of stubbornness in partner’s attitude will further increase your tensions. Love and affection will be absent between you and your partner, so confusions will easily creep in. In the middle of the month, you will discard advice and wish of your family and can take the step of converting your relationship into marriage. You are advised to take any such action after thinking from all plausible angles. Health will see fluctuating levels. Restlessness will keep giving health concerns one after the another. Increased work levels will also give you lesser time to spend in family and mental stress. Take care of the health of your kids who will further damage it by not giving attention to correct advice.


You will need more courage in this month but still, works done with utmost diligence will give desired results. plan to switch job in the starting of month itself, and to your surprise, you may end up finding another (and better) job quite easily. However, search of job for people who are unemployed will get bitterly longer. You will be very positive about profit and will not hesitate to take up long journeys to expand your business or help your employer. Your erudite nature and farsightedness will reduce many problems. Sources of income will be slower in giving wealth in first two weeks. A ceremony in family will give a chance to go closer to many members and relatives, but March does not seem to be good for marital life. Disputes already in progress will intensify and give you more stress. Sometimes your and sometimes ego of your spouse will come in between to stop the resolution of issues in marital life. Friends can also create more differences with your spouse, thus it will not be good to involve them in the disputes of marital life, at least in this month. In the second and third week, your expenses of family related matters will shoot up. Health will be good in first ten days but after that, hectic schedule will deprive you of rest and can cause fever or extreme tiredness. Health of children will also trouble you, and will take a good amount of your money and time. You will suffer loss in monetary matters due to malfunctioning or theft of electronic items.


Assistance from many aspects will increase your income in this month but too much fluctuation in profits will keep your savings almost at same level due to very good chances of better finance. Investment in risky fields will increase your troubles. Ensure that management of all crucial projects in planned before the mid of the month. After that, stars indicate that your ability to take decisions will get affected, and in absence of a concrete planning of crucial projects, they will also get affected. If you do not find the behavior of spouse to be calm enough, then you are advised to increase tolerance in your nature. Going out of proportion in disputes will badly, and even irreversibly affect marital life. Maintaining calmness will end the differences very soon. Taking some major decisions related to marital life should be postponed. Help from friends will come from mid of month only. Relations with relatives will also see improvement. People who are looking for a new property will either manage to buy an already constructed property or start a construction on vacant plot. Their search should end in this month. Health will not be a problem and you will get chances of recreation and enjoyment. Children will not hear your advice and will not according to it, this will give you some unavoidable stress. Though disputes with father will arise but do not ignore his health.


Since your confidence will be on a whole new level in March, you will not have any hesitation in taking some strict decisions. Your juniors will increase your troubles and may even hinder your upcoming promotion. You will gain skills in creative works. In the end of the month, help from elderly people will result in completion of your stuck projects. Try to improve your relations with your associates and make them more cordial. If you do not give up the habit of working hard, then you will be able to considerably improve on the financial front. This period is not favourable to take decisions on major projects. Decisions taken during this time will cause delay or abrupt end. Your enemies are idle, so possibility of they harming you is very low (in fact, negligible). You will have to change your behaviour and let your ego fall in order to maintain harmony in family. Your family/you will plan to buy a new vehicle in the middle of the month. Period is not very much favourable for marital life, relations will also oscillate between happiness and disappointments. Cooperation from friends will increase professional gain and will help you complete projects related to work. Do not ignore their advice. You will act opposite of your behaviour and can become stubborn. Common cold will disturb you in lot of works.


Due to haste in making decisions, you will suffer emotional torture as well as financial loss. Your colleagues and associated will try to steal credit of your hard work. In the middle of the month, you will feel that the result of your efforts is obtained after a little bit of delay. Stars are indicating that seniors will praise you for your work. By the way of hard work, you can open gates of success. To get more success, you should try taking advice of friends or younger siblings. The combinations of reduction in status which were in existence, will start to disappear one after the another. You should completely believe your spouse in this month, and initiate to curb all the differences that you have with them. New friendships will land you in troubles. New affairs formed in this month will not last long and will hurt you as they terminate. Try to help others. Children will take more time to show improvement in their health. You will find yourself to be acting contrary to your habitual behaviour in March, and coming on track will take some time. You will feel lazy and problems related to stomach and legs will trouble you and your parents in this month which will increase your expenses on medicines, and even surgeries. Laziness should not allowed to creep in. Short journeys with friends are also on the cards. but think twice before lending any considerable sum of money to friends. Even if family is undergoing financial crunch for sometime now, this month will see a content among family members with limited resources too.


You will find a way forward in adverse conditions too. In the end of the month, you will take decision of changing your current job. However, do not resign from the present one unless the new job is confirmed. Cooperation from seniors will be available throughout this month. Good chances that your profits will increase in March. To further improve these profits, improve your administrative skills. Do not prepare documents in a hurry – give them sufficient time and read them thoroughly before submitting them or forwarding them. In the middle of the month, there will be reduction in your courage. Apart from this, your leadership skills will also be reasonably affected. Due to this, work on the current projects may not function normally. The mid of this month will be very good for your family, and the marital life will also run without any substantial differences. Your relation with spouse will see huge improvement in this month. But there are big chances that some disputes with mother will come into existence. You should try your best to clear these disputes as soon as possible. Mother’s health will again give you stress and if her health is already deteriorated, you will have to suffer more in this month. Partner will demand more time in relationship, but will give you financial help in your hour of need.


People with Pisces natives will be able to complete their works with higher efficiency if they are able to maintain there confidence. But too much of courage will also land you onto loss. Financial front will see many ups and downs in this month. All your efforts will not yield the desires results and this will very well affect your morale. Be sure of the content of the documents which others ask you to sign. Leadership skills will see a positive change in the middle of the month. Relations with relatives will turn sour on petty issues, and differences with friends will also widen. Condition of marital life will also worsen due to increased ego. You are, therefore, advised to make initiatives in improving terms with your spouse and to not give up attempts after one-two rejections. Situation will turn favourable from third week. Due to the pressure of improving nuptial life, you will be under extra mental pressure. This month is also not very good for affairs either – they will come to the verge of getting terminated. Act wisely if you want to save them and carry forward. New friendship with someone from opposite gender will flourish and it will turn into a fast friendship over next some months. Body looks prone to water borne diseases, so be sure fo the quality of water that you are consuming. There are chances that you will get hurt due to water or heights. Children will see success in academics and this will please you, and will play a major role in reducing a major chunk of your tension.