Monthly Moon Sign Rashifal

August 2021


The retrograde motion of Saturn cautions you to remain extremely cautious in this month while driving any vehicle and should make sure that no vehicle hurts you (even if you are not sitting in it). You can complain of problems/pain in legs and back, or you can suffer wounds in these body parts. Take special care of your health in the second half of this month. You are getting support of Jupiter, so you will remain cheerful, and you will get good amount of gain. Some tasks stuck for a long time will get resolved all of a sudden – sometimes it might so happen that you will get fruits far better than your attempt. A good news awaits students who are preparing for examination after mid of the month. Health of your spouse needs to be taken care of. Mars is giving support in matters relating to children, but due to upcoming transit of Rahu, you need to pay more attention towards their study and behaviour. Money stuck with some person will miraculously come back to you. Sources of income from different mediums will open up. Your relations with juniors, seniors, relatives will be very good and will lead to trusted partnerships for future.


Your struggle in this month will increase and there are high chances of increased useless arguments. Your need to take care of your health. Rahu will prove to be auspicious for you but because of Jupiter, weakening of health as well as relations in initial stages will take place. This month will give you professional satisfaction and you will remain pleased when it comes to your love life. Children will see progress and engage themselves in productive things. They will be attentive to study and work. Since arguments will put you in tension, refrain from arguing with family members and do not strain relations under temporary aggression. However, you will take steps to improve relations with many people in the month of August. You will make use of your intellect to increase your influence in your organization as well as society. So, overall advise for this month is that you need to take of your health and relations with people you interact with. An advise given by some elderly person will come handy in this month. Avoid taking risk and beware of hidden enemies.


Although Venus and Mars will keep your in journeys in this month, both of them will also lead to fulfillment of a long-standing desire, even if it has remained postponed for some time in the past. If you have been waiting for promotion or transfer to a desired place, then consider it guaranteed that this wish is going to be fulfilled in this month. Because planetary transits strongly favour you, you ought to make all attempts in this direction. You will get upset due to some disappointments in the second week but things will again improve from the mid of the month. Relations with people will be good, and you will also meet some new friends who will prove to be useful to you. If you want to make business from abroad or in foreign, this month is really good for this purpose. Disease as well as enemies will also an increment. Decisions taken by you in family issues will not only be accepted but also praised. For disease, a proper medical treatment will suffice but tackle your enemies with immense patience and calculations. Do not engage with you enemies directly. You will remain happy at professional, family and love front. Your children will get handsome promotion in this month, in case it’s due.


People with Cancer Rashi should not consider it to be demoralizing, but this month will not yield very fruitful results for you and they will have to remain extremely cautious throughout the month. Do not fall prey to air castles and take decision with patience. Avoid altercations at workplace otherwise a small disagreement will turn into a big dispute. You can face people arguing a lot with you which will increase your aggression further , but remaining calm under provocative situation is the most important piece of advice fort this month. Take care of your bank balance, and just because you have a good amount of it, do not invest it just like that. Think twice and confirm source before making any investment. There will be lot of stress around you, and a substantial part of it will be due to love life/life partner. But fortunately you have Jupiter a supportive planet, things will start improving after the mid of this month. If you want to take a crucial decision, preferably take it after the mid of the month because by then, many things will start falling at correct place and many problems will have ended. Your family and children will play a great deal in relieving you of stress. Try to resolve litigation issues out of court.


The month of August will be fruitful to you in average sense. You will have to avoid insult as well as ego in this month. You will get out of all the stress which you had been facing, and you will get back all those relations which you had lost over many months in the past. In the starting of the month, you will be able to sail through many tasks pending consent of your seniors but as the month passes, some obstruction will start disappointing you. However your energy in following up will not reduce. You will require to adjust behaviour with both seniors and juniors because you will need both in projects and any mistake will lead to severe insult. You will get decent success in trading. People who had borrowed money from you in the past can give positive revert in this month. However, you will be laden with domestic financial expenses. You will spend a very good month on family and health front too. Apart from fever which might trouble you in the second week, no new major health concerns are seen. Take medical treatment and enjoy an incredibly good month. You are advised to not sign any document or put thumb impression anywhere when it is not really needed. It could be used against you in future.


The month of August is set to bring with it a wave of professional stress. To reduce it, these natives will have to do management of both time and money. New sources of income will open up due to which the pressure of earning through them will also increase. In this month, help from someone will help you solve a problem troubling you for a long time now. Despite completion of projects in time and no pending work, some colleagues will purposefully keep poking you so that you do not get free from work. Rahu, however, also promises that you will have quite unexpected gains this month if you do not adopt any shortcut. A tendency to make hard cash will land you in problem. Students will find it hard to concentrate in studies, but the house of determination is strongly positive which will not let you give up so easily. Small health troubles will keep coming and going, so apart from medical treatment, take appropriate precautions which will not let small diseases like cold disturb you. In the latter half of the month, exuberant support from life partner will boost up your confidence like nothing else and even in considerable stress, you will get morale to plan future. Do not ignore feelings of partner and remain truthful in marital/love life otherwise you will fall in a big problem. An argument with elderly member of family will upset you. However, decisions taken by you in this month for family will lay foundation of some events of future. Be careful in taking these decisions.


This month is good for you. But more than often, conditions will arise in this month when you will be put in confusing state, people will misunderstand you and will interpret your words incorrectly which will lead to sourness in many relations. So, think well before speaking so that you may yourself from falling in such situations. New sources of income will open up. However, make sure that you avoid any kind of shortcut to make the most out of such income sources. If you adopt any shortcut for the purpose of making money, there are chances that you will fall into some legal trouble. This month is otherwise quite satisfactory and you will get decent results from almost every aspect including health, family, spouse, property, profession and children. You might find yourself struggling at time, but what is a life without its struggles? Enjoy the struggles. They will pass as they had come without troubling you too much if you face them head on. In the middle of the month, planetary transits will immensely favour you. Not only reputation at workplace will increase, but also strong support from government will be received. Seniors will be very friendly with you in job/business this month, and you can get unexpected hike in salary or profit. This month is a good period when you can engage yourself in some social service. The entry of a third person in love life will create some troubles. Take proper care during the second week else you may have to get admitted in hospital.


Your time is not very bad but a complete restraint on speech and behaviour is required You will have to remain extremely vigilant at workplace because your opponents are waiting to present your small mistake as a big one. Do not take any professional decision under anger or emotion otherwise you will have to repent in future. Even in partnerships, clarify things beforehand otherwise there will be discontent later on and you will have to bear the losses resulting therefrom. Your luck will start shining after the midmonth, and those works, which have looked complex till now, will start falling in line. Surprisingly, even your opponents will start to stand by you. Some adverse affects, though small, will be seen in your house of courage. People will pay less attention to your personal thoughts which will lead to a fall in your confidence, and you might feel alone. However, a supportive Jupiter and Sun will keep things very much in your control. Your spouse will get relief from long standing health issue. Children will complain of not recognition of their efforts but motivation given by you to them will keep them inspired to work hard. Health front looks to pose no major threats, however advise street food as it can lead to some serious troubles in stomach, including Typhoid.


This month is filled with a lot of opportunities which you should sail upon, provided you do not remain too much indulged in entertainment. August will provide chances to move ahead in life – such is the importance of this month of Sagittarius natives. You will undertake long journeys not only for leisure but also for professional projects. Journeys will be blissful and beneficial. Your cordial relations with all colleagues will enable you to complete many tasks which you were not able to finish until now. There will be an unexpected gain in profession. To main the flow of reputation and profit, you will need to avoid mistakes because they will raise a question on your ability. Your family will support you in undertaking ventures which you wouldn’t be able to complete alone. Enhanced support from spouse and children will make you forget all small stresses which you might face in August due to your partners, associates. However, even though the stress due to them gets reduced, keep an eye of them so that you do not suffer a fraud at their hands. You will take part in some religious activity and even undertake a travel meant for this purpose depending on your birth chart. Take care of throat, food pipe, ears etc. Avoid making investments in land as their return might be comparatively lower – Gold is a better option for you this month. Some health issue in spouse may trigger in the third week of this month but they will subside by the end of the month or by 2nd week of next month.


Position of other planets added to Ketu, Venus indicate that this month will be full of friction. Utmost care needs to be taken in matters related to profession and health. You will not only face yourself occupied with health issue, but also from with relations with your spouse which can see some unnecessary tensions in August. However, Jupiter will incline you towards spiritual activities. This will in turn, increase tension which will prevail in your family. So, it is advisable and understandable that you should maintain a balance between family life and spiritual activities. You will remain under anxiety as you will feel that your professional colleagues are keeping you out of loop and not informing you the results of efforts which you have put in. But, without being perturbed by it, keep working. Good results will be seen soon, if not in this month itself. Working women will find this period to be very challenging. Spouse will suffer health issues. You should also take care from seasonal and old health problems. The situation is not too much worrisome as planetary combinations taking place in next month will start providing relief. Additionally, small positive changes will be observed from third week in August.


You have support of Saturn which will bless you with courage to face off challenges in professional front in this month. Natives of Aquarius Rashi will get immense support inside as well as outside home. Favourable conditions for growth in career and job will be formed. If any decision pertaining to any litigation is pending, it will definitely come in your favour. You will get support from in-laws too, and if relations with them have been strained, this month provides a good opportunity to improve them. You might forget some crucial document (in hard or electronic format) after keeping it somewhere, so keep a track of things which are important to you. Your enemies will not be able to trouble you. However, in matters related to investment, do not forget to take advice of some elderly. It will be better to postpone some decisions if some dilemma exists while taking them. Health will remain in normal state, but mental peace might suffer in the second 10 days of August due to anxious behaviour. Your elder siblings and children might face frequent disappointments in this month. Your love life will be stressed but reliving memories with your partner will lessen the stress to a great extent. Take steps in love life with a great caution. People at business place will show improved behaviour to you, and they will overlook small errors which you inadvertently commit. Ketu will bring small displeasures but they will die out gradually.


August is yet another great month for you but success will come only after indulging in struggles. Rahu and Mercury will not only give success in home, but also in profession. In the beginning of the month itself, there will be excessive workload on you and your opponents will try to get over you. Rather than giving undue importance to small issues of family and profession, it will be better if you focus on your target and keep working towards it. If you take loan, make sure to use it for the correct purpose only otherwise problems in future will be imminent. If you are into any partnership and facing a problem, then you will be able to resolve in only during third week with the support of a very influential person. Most of the times, you will feel that some family members are deliberately ignoring you. Rather than giving them a reply in same tone, try to find the reason of their distraught nature, and you will end up solving major part of their problems. Juniors in office will also look upto you with a great hope. Become a torchbearer for them by handling the situations they cannot. Finances might remain in shackles due to uncontrolled expenses. New ways of income will open up – if you remain busy in your own business/job, delegate it to people you trust, including your spouse. You and your spouse, both will help each other in critical matters related to career. This will increase the mutual trust in nuptial life too. Trust your advisors, specially lawyer and doctor.