Effects of Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon

During the intervening night of 27th and 28th July 2018, the world saw the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century. Interestingly, this Eclipse also featured a phenomenal Blood Moon for which people of area across which this phenomenon was visible became excite. But with magnificence, the Eclipse and the Blood Red Moon brought some effects too.

Vedic Astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra predicted on Twitter through a tweet that due to this Blood Moon, the earth will see a continent shift and by 2072, there will be 9 continents.

About Eclipse, Mishra made another prediction that the negative impact of the said Lunar Eclipse was similar to that of the Solar Eclipse of 1984 and it would put the security of India’s top leaders at risk, and its effect could last upto 6 months after its occurrence.

We all know that how catastrophic was the year 1984 for India and pray that this Eclipse doesn’t give any such impact.