Who will win Tripura Assembly Elections of 2018?

Who will win Tripura Assembly Elections of 2018?

Tripura, a North Eastern state of India remained one of the two states which was ruled by the Left. In the assembly elections of 2013, BJP fought at 50 seats in which its candidates lost their deposits on 49 seats, and the seat where a candidate managed to save his deposit was also lost by BJP. It could manage a vote share of only 1.5%. But 5 years later in 2018, BJP lead a strong campaign under the dynamic leadership of Modi and gave Manik Sarkar lead government a thought to worry about.

Tripura Elections 2018. Image Credits: The Financial Express

Tripura went to polls for its 59 assembly seats on February 18, 2018 with results planned for 3 March 2018. On 16 February 2018, the astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra made prediction through a tweet that BJP would win the assembly elections of Tripura.

As per my calculations BJP is going to win the elections in #Tripura pic.twitter.com/0qcVJTzzgb

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) February 15, 2018

Now as this blog post is being written, the counting of votes is in progress and with the trends and results announced so far, the above prediction has come true with BJP rooting out the Communist rule in Tripura with a two-third majority.

Some minutes back, Anirudh Mishra quoted the above tweet and said that the prediction by him proved to be correct.

— Anirudh Kumar Mishra (@Anirudh_Astro) March 3, 2018

Thus, this is another of his many predictions which public saw coming true today.